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Another Kind of Pandemic

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

– John Adams

The year 2020 has been an extraordinarily weird year that has just oozed chaos. We’ve seen a global pandemic, followed by an economic collapse that rivals the Great Depression of 1929-1941. More importantly though, we have also witnessed the fallout of a massive moral decay in our nation the likes of which we haven’t seen in history. America has been amid a moral pandemic for decades now, and the worst of its side effects are coming to surface in a very ugly and alarming fashion.

These national symptoms show themselves in the form of: political corruption; corporate corruption; a media empire of lies; Hollywood nakedness; legalized child-sacrifice (abortion); legalized human trafficking (porn); endless drug addictions; rioting and looting, etc. These are all simply just very ugly symptoms of an underlying and very viral, moral disease.

Identifying the Virus

So what is it that is at the heart of the great American moral plague? The epicenter of our country’s spiritual disease is the rejection of the Christian values that this nation was founded on. The greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever known is the America that found its moral compass pointing towards the Cross of Christ.

God has been removed from schools and universities by modern academia and replaced with the the malleable god of science. Following the exile of God, equality has become confused with equity. Individualism has been swapped for tribalism. Marriage has been stripped of its meaning and replaced with lasciviousness and sexual confusion. Regard for human life has been degraded to such an extent that we sacrifice the vulnerable and the innocent to the god of self. Gender has been destroyed, rendering both masculinity and femininity meaningless. Good is called evil and evil called good.

Without God and His unchanging moral singularity, all morality becomes subject to the whim’s of the so-called experts, and enforced by the ruling elites. Any nation, no matter how great, falls in due time when it’s people reject God and remove the Biblical values that perpetuate prosperity and freedom. America is and will be no different.

One Nation Under Science?

What even is science? Science is the Latin word for knowledge. However, today we use it as a broad term that refers to the study of nearly all of nature. Biology, chemistry, physics, Zoology, Neurology and all the other “ologies” in the realm of nature. Thus we can define science as the study of nature.

Today, especially in recent years, we have seen science become the cult of modern academia and the radical left. Strangely though, they don’t worship real science, or even believe in it. They reject real science because real science doesn’t fit within their political worldview. So they make stuff up in the name of science, not to appear knowledgeable, but to feel virtuous and incomparably righteous.

A particular science that the radical left has overtly redefined is biology. Human biology is re-sculpted into making imaginary room and evidence for a “spectrum of genders.” That is stupid and not science. The real science, of course, confirms the Bible in that there are only two genders. Those genders are immutable with no exception, male and female. Within this particular scope of this redefining biology and gender, they believe that gender is fluid, meaning men and women are fundamentally interchangeable. That absurdity has inevitably led to the bizarre conclusion that somehow men can become women and menstruate. All of this is, of course, embraced and propagated by none other than the Democratic Party, who claim to be the party of science. Yeah, um…how about no, not the party of science.

The so-called party of science, along side many of their constituents embrace the brutal cessation of innocent life: namely abortion. Then they attempt to rationalize it by deliberately conflating abortion with healthcare. Let me be clear; American doctors, scientists, and philosophers willingly confuse child murder with healthcare. This is promulgated even though real science can detect a separate heartbeat at only six weeks, and make physical distinctions between the mother and the child. Not to mention that the DNA of a child at conception has all the information needed to fully produce functioning humans like you and I. As it turns out, rational science is still denied in defense of a political worldview. Instead of following the science like we are constantly demanded to, we’ve allowed over 61,000,000 babies to pay the price for our wanton disregard for the consequences of our actions. That is very shameful, America.

As it turns out, when God and Christian values are rejected, nothing but confusion follows. Even basic parts of humanity like gender become a blurry mess, and children are massacred. Without God, science is not observable, repeatable and provable natural law, but instead is conformable to a desired worldview.

Confusing Good with Evil

If there is one thing in America that COVID-19 has exposed, it’s the unquenchable thirst for power on the local level. Local authorities in blue states have arrested church members for exercising their first amendment and singing hymns at church. At the same time however, police were told to stand down against rioters and looters and let crime be committed freely. Why? Why violate the freedom of religion, and completely disregard the protection of citizens from the mob? It’s simple: because to the disintegration-ist left, protection of freedom is less important than prosecuting those who commit crime in the name of racial justice.

The heroes of the racial justice movement aren’t by any means model citizens. The activist organization Black Lives Matter (BLM inc.) has made saints out of brutal thugs. George Floyd one of the latest saints of the movement, was a repeat criminal who stuck a gun in a pregnant woman’s gut. Jacob Blake was a criminal who violated an existing restraining order and digitally raped a woman in front of her children; he then fought off two cops and proceeded to reach for a knife to stab them with. Michael Brown attacked an officer and was rightfully shot in self-defense by the attacked officer. Rayshard Brooks fought off two cops in a Wendy’s parking lot and stole a taser off the belt of one of the officers and proceeded to fire it at them; he was then shot for his trouble. However, because these criminals have been treated as martyrs of a systemically racist system.

The afore mentioned criminals have been championed by BLM inc. and their inspired rioters to begin a movement to defund and abolish our nation’s police. That is an active call for the removal of good for the sake of increased evil. The idea that the police are systemically racist or complicit in a racist system is ridiculous on its face. The only evidence that the mob has for this is a handful of isolated events that were twisted to fit their narrative. There are hundreds of millions of police interactions with civilians, and the overwhelming majority are peaceful. That doesn’t matter though, because it’s not about the police or even about black Americans. It’s about the destruction of a system founded in Cristian values. BLM inc. says so themselves by openly admitting that their goal is to dismantle the institution of the American nuclear family.

Sovereignty of the Individual

The founding fathers, being deeply religious thinkers of their time, understood that freedom was an institution of nature placed there by God. They argued that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness preceded government. This is seen to be evident when God allowed mankind to continue their existence as sinful beings despite the fact that it was clearly against his own desire. God grants the freedom to choose between good and evil, and He rewards each decision respectively with just consequences.

The particular natural rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life, because only God gives life; liberty because, as we’ve already seen, God gave mankind a free will; and the pursuit of happiness because God allows mankind to live the way he sees fit, whether to live plentifully or simply. The founding fathers also understood that it is the nature of tyrants to infringe on these natural rights. So they wrote into the Constitution defenses of these rights and we now know them as the American Bill of Rights. It is important to note that these rights are not provided by the government but instead are natural rights that the government is instituted to defend.

Freedom of speech, press, religion, self-defense and private property are all fundamental protections to the afore mentioned natural rights. The founders recognized freedom of speech because God made mankind as the only species capable of thinking with reason and logic, and then acting on the formulated reason and logic. Free speech then is recognized to protect citizens from tyranny by being able to freely articulate their thoughts (which nobody can enslave). They also recognized the freedom of press, because it is a written form of free speech and allows the people to document their articulations of their thoughts and opinions. This prevents dictators from using the press as a primary source of propaganda.

Freedom of religion, because religion (Christianity especially) taught moral self-limitation within the boundaries of seemingly limitless freedom. The freedom to practice religion, not just assemble and worship, gave responsibility to the individual to act morally and be held accountable by God first above government. Finally, freedom of self-defense was recognized because it is the physical and practical protection of the natural laws of life and liberty. It is the freedom to defend oneself from both tyrants hellbent on enslavement, and criminals determined to do physical harm.

These freedoms are all the rights of the individual against the state, and perhaps more importantly against the collective. Remember, they are absolutely not entitlements granted by government, as they each predate government and there is no goods or services granted by the government. The framers of the Constitution, had enough discernment to perceive the capability of tyranny by majority (mob rule). This is very important and very simple. Just because a particular view is popular does not mean it is good and moral. These freedoms prevent a majoritarian state from cramming down their will on the minority. Note that the most basic of all minority is the individual.

The most well known example of majoritarianism in America is that of slavery. Where the majority, being white southerners, enslaved the minority, being black Americans. After the enslavement ended, and black Americans were emancipated by Lincoln, Jim Crow and his political philosophy rose in the South and led to another form of majoritarianism. It was mob rule through legislation rather than through the brute force of slavery.

Naturally, America overcame majoritarianism in the south 100 years after it overcame slavery; and equal treatment under the law was finally given to black Americans, only 200 years late. The foundation for the overcoming of slavery and racist legislation was laid by the founding fathers who implemented Christian values in the birthing of this great nation.

Responsibility of the Individual

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Perpetual irresponsible behavior in a free system risks the loss of freedom itself. This is so if individuals cannot be counted on to govern themselves, it unfortunately results in the granting government an open door to seize more power than necessary. If you value your freedom, you will do well to preserve it through moral behavior.

Those who value freedom most, are sure to avoid requesting governmental aid. A good proverbial Biblical truth is that the borrower is slave to the lender. An understanding of that proverb gives great insight into what happens when social benefits go too far. Unfortunately we live in an era where social benefits, goods and services, and employment are all being viewed as rights owed to all universally. American’s increasingly expect the government to provide them with income, food, and healthcare. Let me first remind you that the government is not your parent. They do not exist to fill your every need. Now let me warn you, that reliance and dependence on the government breeds reluctance to pursue personal betterment and prosperity. It also breeds tolerance to more invasion of freedom so long as basic needs are met by the infringing social institution of government. Want to know where that leads you? Take a long hard look at modern day Venezuela; that mess is what you’re aspiring for by making the government a universal provider of security rather than a universal protectorate of freedom.

Thus the moral disciplines of hard work accompanied by generally good behavior, financial prudence and an active habit of self-education is vitally important for both the prosperity and freedom of all as individuals. This means that we should value diversity of thought over diversity of skin color and ethnicity. This means that law and order must not be disintegrated for the purpose of perpetuating riots. Above all, it means the return to God and Christian values. For without God, morality is subjective rather than objective and chaos prevails. Without God’s laws instilled into the very nature of mankind, freedom would merely be a distant dream in the wishful mind of the enslaved and oppressed. Thus it is the duty of every free and independent individual to behave morally and responsibly.

The Cure

The cause of moral decay in America is a result of the widespread rejection of God and Biblical values. Thus the freedom for moral decay is an individual return to God and the practice of Christian principles. Without a moral and religious people, our nation will continue to tear itself apart until it no longer exists.


Published by Tim Owens

A Man with a Passion for Truth

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