Peace Amidst a Storm

Therefore take no thought…for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:31-33

Don’t worry about it. Seriously; I mean it. Whatever it is that you are dealing with, stop worrying about it. Why? Because you worrying about anything is how you become the greatest thief of your own happiness. Instead, choose to give your trials and troubles to God, because when you do that, God will give you the peace that passes all understanding.

Give Up Control

Faith is taking action based on what you know to be true but may not have tangible evidence of. Now, how do you show faith in the middle of a trial? How am I supposed to replace my worrying with faith? Worrying is a sign that you are relying on yourself rather than on God. You show your faith by putting God in the drivers seat of your life.

Imagine that you are in a car, and imagine that you are in the passenger seat of that car. Now that car is moving, and you, being in the passenger seat of that car, are not in control of that car. Instead the person driving is in control of the vehicle, and the direction of the automobile is at the mercy of the operator in the drivers seat. When you and the person in the car with you are in the middle of traveling through a storm, do you reach over and take the wheel and try to gain control of that vehicle? No of course not! That would be stupid. Instead you choose, like a sane person, to trust the person driving to get you to your destination safely. So why is it, when life is hunky dory, that we are willing to give God the wheel and take a back seat, but as soon as things get tough, and a storm of life blows through, you jump over and grab the wheel and try to steer impaired?

You see, your trials are designed by God, so that the only way through the storm was to choose faith. God designs your struggles to bring you to a place where you are overwhelmed. Because when you are overwhelmed, you are finally where you need to be for Christ to show His strength in your life. Why? For your growth, and for His glory.

When our trials prove too strong for us, that is when we run to God. Not that that is the way it ought to be, but it’s just the way that it tends to go, due to our stubborn nature. Your trial only increases in difficulty the longer you rely on yourself. Only when you place your faith for your circumstances in God’s hands, does the peace come to calm you.

Pray and Wait

There is probably no greater form of faith than the act of faith. Prayer is you admitting to God that He is your only way out of whatever storm you are faced with. Now here’s the thing. You can give the most heartfelt and sincere prayer, but if you don’t let God respond, then the wheels to your car of life are spinning.

Imagine you go to the doctor because you aren’t felling well. So you tell the doctor, “Doc. I’m not feeling well.” So the doctor, being a good doctor, runs some tests on you to see what is wrong. And before he can get the test results back and give you the diagnosis along with a recommended a prescription, you speak up and say, “Actually, I diagnose and treat my own ailments.” Don’t you think that would be a bit ridiculous? Well, that is typically what we are guilty of doing with God when He doesn’t answer as quickly as we’d like Him to.

Prayer requires patience. So does faith. If you think you have faith, but lack the patience to see your faith through, then you don’t really have faith. Trials don’t end overnight, because you don’t grow and become a better and more mature person overnight. So just pray, and trust God, and keep trusting Him till he gives you more guidance. Now, remember, if you’re wondering how you’ll know when God has given you the direction you need to go, you will know because of the peace (even a peace amidst discomfort) you will have in making that decision. God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind. Stop worrying, it won’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it only robs you of today’s peace. Choose faith; trust God.

Published by Tim Owens

A Man with a Passion for Truth

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