Fight For Your Family

“…knowing that if the family goes, so goes the nation.”

Ronald Reagan

The greatest influencer on the decisions that individuals make throughout their lives is the family that they come from. This is true whether they come from a broken home or from a home still intact. Both positive family backgrounds, and negative family backgrounds shape how a person thinks and behaves. Thus, there could not be a more important topic, for modern day life and how the future will be effected, than that of the home.

Identifying the Threat

Every nation is a nation of families, and the direction the family goes, so goes the nation. That is why the call to be a good husband, wife, father or mother is vitally important. It has a direct impact on society, either positively or negatively. It has an impact on future generations. That’s why a family must be led in the right direction, and the torch must be passed from generation to generation.

There are people, evil, blood thirsty and power hungry people, whose goal is to destroy your family. Why? Because it accomplishes their ultimate goal. That goal is, of course, the destruction of a nation, and the freedom of its people. The want control. They want to dismantle history and replace it with lies.

Who are they? “They”, are the modern Left, Marxists, Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party, and Antifa. The ones who are the most open about their agenda is Black Lives Matter, who have literally posted on their website, in a mission statement, that their goal is to, “…disrupt the western-prescribed nuclear family.” Why? Because they want power. They want a new America, one where freedom is erased, and everyone who disagrees with them is silenced. And they know that one of the most crucial institutions that stands in their way is the family.

The Tactic for Destruction

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

Mark 3:25


Division. Division is the sharpest sword wielded against the family, because a house divided cannot stand. We’ve all heard the statement, “divide and conquer”, well it couldn’t be more true to life. So to destroy the family, it must be divided and turned against itself, to be conquered.

The number one target of the sword of division is marriage. If you divide the husband against the wife, and the wife against the husband: the family is placed in significant danger of collapse. Marriage is foundation of family, and removing the foundation of any structure is a sure way to destroy that structure.

Spoken Negatives

Leftists, (radical Marxists), have mastered the art discouraging people from marrying. They do that by placing seeds in your mind, before you get married, like the phrase, “50% of marriages end in divorce.” And they plant concepts in your mind that go along the lines of, “If you get married you give up your freedom.” They’ll tell you things like, “Don’t get married, because if you get divorced, the other person is entitled to half your stuff.” These are all powerful myths that have an incredible negative impact on how one views and considers the institution of marriage.

I learned just the other day that a negative thought is 4x more powerful than a positive thought, and that is amplified by 10 when it is spoken. So in essence, a negative statement is 40x more powerful than a positive thought. Now, apply that to marriage. They are speaking ultra-powerful negatives into your mind that last much longer and have a bigger impact on the way you think than any positive thought could give you. So guard your marriage by guarding your gates (i.e. what you hear and see). Because what you hear, you may not necessarily intend to internalize, but you might end up doing it unintentionally simply because of the power of negative statements.

Replacing Love with Lust

Young people in the United States are encouraged in today’s world to sleep around, and live unmarried with a “partner” before considering marriage. Casual sex is promoted by Hollywood, and tv commercials. Universities and college campuses promote casual sex, by creating an environment built for it. (How else do you explain co-ed dorms?) Psychologists promote doing whatever makes you feel good, especially when it comes to this facet of life. They teach instant gratification of the body. They call it freedom, but I call it promiscuous and setting people up for serious issues later in life: especially trust issues.

A relationship built on lust and physical attraction is only surface deep. It’s shallow. It has no foundation to stand on. So when the winds of life blow, it will fall.

Replacing love with lust, and a focus on the physical part of a relationship creates a culture of boys and young men who view girls and young woman as sex objects. Mainstream pop culture won’t admit to this, but it’s true. The promotion of nudity on television, and social media creates a generation of young men who indulge in lustful, instant, bodily gratification. It also creates a mindset and a view on woman as “sluts”. (Look, I realize this is graphic, but somebody has to say it. So I’ll be that somebody.)

The leftist mindset and mainstream pop-culture mentality creates a generation that downplays what they call, “slut-shaming.” Which is simply, a negative view of a promiscuous lifestyle. Here’s the thing. Nobody should be emotionally abused because of their life decisions, but at the same time, promiscuity should not be promoted but discouraged. Discouraged because it’s shallow. It’s immoral. It should be discouraged because of the negative psychological effects it has on women.

Gender Disintegration

“We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).”

Black Lives Matter Website

There it is. Right there. They’re not about saving black lives; they’re about fostering a “queer-affirming network.” They’re about loosening the grips of reality on people that there are only two genders, male and female. Black Lives Matter hates that. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their agenda, which is power grabbing, and political and social manipulation via bullying and “woke” signaling: all under the guise of caring for marginalized minority groups.

They want to destroy gender. Why? Because if history has taught us anything, it’s the principle that chaos and confusion always, always, always leads to tyranny. Always. The goal is to destroy the foundation of identity which is gender. When you are born, you are two things: human and either male or female. Nothing else. There is no other gender. Gender is not a spectrum.

Teaching that men can be women devalues what it means to be a woman. Women should be proud to be women, because only women can be women and do the things that women can do. No man can be a mother. No man can birth a child; that is a superpower designed specifically for women. And there is way more to being a mom than just birthing a child. No man can replace a mother in the home. It’s never the same. Real mom’s win every time.

Likewise for men. No woman can be a man, and thinking the opposite is honestly just science denial. If you disagree with me, just go take a 6th grade science book and read the biology section. It’s not complicated…at all.

Transgender isn’t a thing. It’s make-believing that you’re something that you’re not, simply because a doctor wrongfully affirmed your confusion, denied real science, and lopped some gonads off and then gave you some estrogen shots or some testosterone shots to make you feel like someone you aren’t. Its confusion, it’s sad, and it’s downright evil to do to someone. It’s evil because of the mental-health issues that it breeds. Specifically suicidal thoughts, and eventually actions. Transgendered people are much more likely to consider and commit suicide than non-transgendered.


Your family is under attack. Institutions and organizations like Black Lives Matter, confuse your children about their identity and basic biological knowledge, by telling them that gender is fluid. They indoctrinate children to believe that men can be women can be men, thus devaluing womanhood and manhood.

Your family is under attack. Institutions and organizations like Black Lives Matter, and the majority of mainstream universities and college campuses, replace love with lust. They indoctrinate the next generation to be a group of people who live for instant self-gratification, by making sex a causal thing that people do on a whim, based only on bodily attraction. They foster a mentality in men that women are mere sex objects by promoting nudity on tv and social media.

Your family is under attack. Leftists and followers of leftists discourage marriage by teaching the younger generations to sleep around and try our different “partners” as a simulation of married life; all to see if marriage is a “fit” for you.

Your family is under attack. The power-hungry Marxist mob has worked tirelessly to infiltrate your mind by speaking ultra powerful negatives into you. Things that make you reconsider marriage because of all the fake negatives there are about it.

Your family is under attack. And the enemy is dividing your family so that it will eventually be conquered. Don’t be the frog in boiling water. Wake up to reality, and protect your family.

Published by Tim Owens

A Man with a Passion for Truth

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