“Black Lives Matter” Destroys Black Lives

“There will be no conversation in which you call me a racist, and I explain why I’m not a racist. That’s a conversation for idiots.”

Ben Shapiro

The time has come for me to grace you all with another one of my apparently unpopular opinions: “America is not Racist, but…”

Now you might be asking, “Okay Tim, you didn’t finish that. What is the ‘but’ at the end of your opinion?” Thanks for asking, I’m glad you care to know my opinion! (And before you say, “actually, I don’t care about your opinion.” remember that you likely wouldn’t be reading this if that were true.) My opinion is that America isn’t racist, but BLM (Black Lives Matter, the organization), leftists, and Planned Parenthood are. We’ll talk in a later article about Planned Parenthood, for now we will discuss the damage of BLM as a front for propagating leftism not justice or equality.

Intersectionality vs. Individualism

To understand why BLM and leftists aren’t the liberators and equalizers they want us to think they are, we must understand the foundation of the way that they see society. Frankly, it’s sort of laughable to notice that how they fight racism and bigotry is with more racism and bigotry. It’s as useless and stupid as fighting a fire by dumping a can of gasoline on it.

Intersectionality is the Marxist lens that filters out people as individuals, and instead, it filters people into collective social groups, and separates those groups by race, gender and economic status. These social groups are: black and white; rich and poor; male and female; gay or straight. To illustrate this, I am not Tim, an individual from TimTalks; instead I am Tim: a rich (not really, but for sake of illustration and…my ego), straight, cis-gendered, privileged white male.

It’s a dangerous and evil assertion to deny people as individuals and lump them all together into groups that are defined by how they are different. Because individuals make right or wrong decisions, not people groups; and individuals should be held responsible for their decisions, not the social group that a leftist lumps them in. It’s dangerous because it is divisive and can be and is used to pit each social group against one another and we’ll see how in just a moment.

Prominent leftist politicians and activists use intersectionality to manufacture a victimhood mentality that does in fact pit the minority social groups against what they call the “institutionalized” and/or “patriarchal” social groups, which are said to dominate society. They then claim that the present is no different from the past, and that America is the exception in the world because of past oppression of minority groups. They assert wrongfully that whites are still overwhelmingly oppressing blacks; rich oppress the poor and men oppress women.

This is an evil ideology that acts as a factory which generates responsibility shirking, self-gratifying, self-absorbed, takers from society; and destroys any concept of selflessness, community unification, and givers to society.

It instills in people who buy into the victimhood mentality, that they are entitled to reparations of the fake injustices, they manufacture for the sake of being angry, lawless and stupid. However, the left is very good at manipulating isolated events to claim that: because of a singular, statistically uncommon, yet terrible event has occurred; all of America is somehow now racist, bigoted, and systemically oppressive against minorities which must be dismantled because of it.

The entitlement for reparations stems from two different beliefs. One is that all inequality is inequity, and that the only way to accumulate wealth is to oppress someone else. The other is the belief that white people are the descendants of those who were once slave owners, and are still somehow benefitting from the sins of their ancestors. Thus, they must make some sort of atonement for their ancestors sins of racism, and their own sins of prosperity. Those who adhere to the demands of the woke mob, are said to be absolved of any responsibility, and those who disagree are seen as part of the “systemic” problem, and must be silenced.

By the way, what leftists refuse to acknowledge is that slavery was the rule worldwide in the 19th century, not an American exception. In fact, when it comes to the Western Hemisphere, America is largely responsible for the ending of systemic oppression and slavery. Native American tribes, for thousands of years, often enslaved each other, brutally skinned other tribesmen alive, and sacrificed children to their pagan gods. The U.S. ended that in North America within its first 100 years of existence. If you ask me, our Christian-based western-civ culture is vastly more superior than the pagan-based Native-American culture that oppressed thousands of people for thousands of years.

There are even nations still today, particularly in Muslim dominated regions, that continue to practice slavery and oppression. So stop giving me all this foolishness of American heritage being rooted in oppression, when it is unique in the world because of its fight against slavery, racism, and oppression.

Black Lives Matter

If you pay close enough attention to BLM you can quickly discern that the organization called “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t actually stand for black lives. Instead, what they stand for is radical leftism, the destruction of America and Western Civilization, and they enforce their ideology through the “woke mob” who silence and cancel anyone in their way. This isn’t something that they try to keep a secret, they say the quiet part out loud. They just happen to have several leftist media outlets prepared to manipulate the narrative, and deceive the nation into believing that all they care about is “peaceful change.” Its a load of nonsense.

Their agenda is clearly stated on their website:

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…”

Black Lives Matter

Now, that may not seem like a racist statement, and perhaps it’s not, but the agenda can be quite race driven and it has a disproportionately negative effect on black communities.

This concept of disrupting the “western-prescribed nuclear family” has nothing to do with so called “racial justice”, but has everything to do with radical, leftist, anarchical activism and tearing down the Christian Foundation that America is built on. This anarchist ideology that they embrace, and use to infiltrate minority communities, has the opposite effect on those communities that they claim it does. They don’t build up good communities, but rather they tear down, loot and burn communities; and then do their dead level best to destroy Law Enforcement in their communities, all in the name of racism and “justice” (as we have obviously seen in recent weeks.)

By the way, removing law enforcement from minority communities doesn’t help them, it hurts them, ya “woke” idiots. Because it gives room for violent criminals (who disproportionately dwell in impoverished black communities) to enact violence on the weak and vulnerable. Police aren’t responsible for violence against black communities, violent black criminals are responsible for violent crime in black communities. Stop removing the sheep dog from the sheep; it’s how wolves devour their pray without any resistance.

BLM’s most core agenda is to destroy the family institution, and replace it with a defiantly promiscuous and self-gratifying life-style, because they hate authority. It doesn’t stop with the family though. If you destroy the institution of the family, you very fatally damage the structure of American society and they know that.

They reverse and do away with not only the foundation of marriage, but gender also. Removing any meaning that was once associated with being a woman, or being a man. They work tirelessly to brain-wash minority groups into believing that men and women are interchangeable and meaningless, and that gender only boils down to societal roles geared towards oppressing women. (That, by the way, I have debunked in another one of my articles about Gender, you should read it if you’re confused about gender, or if you just want a better look on the gender debate.)

How does this agenda have a negative effect on black communities? It promotes promiscuity, which fosters into existence fatherless homes. They devalue sex as transactional and meaningless, rather than keep it reserved as a sacred act that is physically and emotionally bonding in married companionship. This unfortunately breeds poverty and lawlessness among children born into these circumstances, who disproportionately obtain a criminal record for themselves.

Fatherlessness is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy because of the necessary role a father plays in the family, and that role is often left unfilled in most black households. While the role of the mother is very vast in its importance, fathers and the role they have cannot be replaced. Fathers are necessary for setting the example for how their children ought to behave, and are responsible for disciplining and correcting wrongful behavior. Fathers are responsible for the safety and well-being of the family. A father in the home also gives someone for the children to make proud for their achievements. Fathers are to set an example for their sons, how to be good husbands to their wives, and good fathers to their own kids some day. Children who don’t have fathers rarely have any of that, and they live much more difficult and challenging lives because of the absence of a father-figure. Very sad. Very troubling.

In 1965, the days during the real Civil Rights Era, 25% of African- American children were born out of wedlock, (which is already a troubling number) and 50 years later that percentage rose to 73%. Even former president Barack Obama recognized that children raised in fatherless homes are 5x more likely to end up in poverty and commit crime, and 9x more likely to drop out of school, and 20x more likely to end up in prison.

How does this happen? It’s simple actually. Destroy the institution of marriage, keep Christian principles out of schools, and keep people out of church where they can be influenced to lead honest and disciplined lives. The places this is most evident is in the Democrat run cities such as: Detroit, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. The elected Democrat officials get elected by promising welfare to those in poverty. There is an unspoken law that Larry Elder once explained and it like this,

“Subsidizing a behavior incentivizes more of that behavior.”

Larry Elder

Even those with only a little bit of understanding, know the basic principle, “you reap what you sow.” If you sow behavior that leads to poverty, you reap more poverty. Democrats do just that. They subsidize single-parenthood and broken homes (which at face value sounds like a good thing) but it inevitably leads to more and more single parenthood and broken homes.

Now, do I blame BLM for all of these issues? No, I think that would be unreasonable, because BLM has only been around since 2013. However, their influence has done nothing to help, and has arguably made impoverished black families situations worse. They make it worse by propagating the leftist narrative that America is rooted in racism and oppression, and that we should only see ourselves through the lens of intersectionality rather than as individuals who make individuals decisions and reap individual consequences.

A Better Alternative

Conservative Christian values is what makes a difference in all communities. It’s important to for all people to know the law of sowing and reaping, and that good behavior has good benefits, and bad behavior reaps bad consequences. Committing crime, becoming involved in drugs activity, being sexually actives before marriage, and blaming others for one’s circumstances are all things that reap poverty, depression, fatherless children, homelessness, and negative interactions with law enforcement.

Instead, take responsibility for your actions; don’t commit crime; refuse to be involved in drug activity; practice abstinence until marriage; get a job, work hard and give back to your community. All of those things will land you in a more prosperous position; your children will be more likely to lead successful lives, and your interactions with law enforcement will be much more civil and less likely to end up in your arrest.

Stop viewing yourself as a victim of the system. The only person holding you back is yourself. You have the freedom to not be poor; you have the freedom to make good decisions and not commit crime. Don’t make poverty an excuse to commit crime. You as an individual are responsible for whether or not you live a good life or a miserable life. Just make good decisions and take responsibility; avoid making bad decisions and buying into the lie that you’re a victim of systemic oppression. America is unique because it abolished oppression sooner than almost any other nation in history. America really is the land of the free, and home of the brave.

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2 thoughts on ““Black Lives Matter” Destroys Black Lives

  1. So you forgot a couple of things. First you said that BLM wants to disrupt the family and tied it to undoing Christian faith, while that is true it is also removing the male from the household. Removing the male from the household is where the downfall of modern society began in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
    Second you mentioned Planned Parenthood as being racist, you are absolutely correct and should do another talk and review the origins and the original purpose of the group. Once that is fully explained we can see who the racists are and it’s not the straight white men in most instances.


    1. Will, thanks for the comment! I thought I covered that the ideology pushed by BLM has promoted fatherlessness in the home, and then proceeded to say that I didn’t blame that completely on BLM since they’ve been around only since 2013. Perhaps I should have gone into its history a bit more than just stating that the 25% black fatherlessness rate in the 60s was already very troubling.
      Thanks for pointing that out!

      Also, I appreciate your request for another TimTalk on Planned Parenthood! I plan on releasing a TimTalk about that more towards the end of the week, and it will definitely confront the truth that Planned Parenthood is a distinctly racist organization.


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