Gender Fluidity and The Ocean of Societal Roles

The idea that gender-identification is now a personal choice might sound enlightened to some, but it’s actually a very anti-scientific view of one of the essential facts of life.

– Ashley McGuire

Gender is a socially constructed term, invented to fit people into cookie-cutter roles that institute a perceivably inescapable norm. However, new discoveries find that gender is actually fluid, like an ocean of societal roles in which a person floats until they find one of the infinite and undefined genders that best suit them. No longer do people have to be trapped inside the misgendered body that they were given at birth, and forced to behave according to their biological condition. No longer does he have to be called he, and she be called she…he is now she, and she is now “zie”, and either of them are singularly called they or them. As for you cisgendered followers of the patriarchy out there; you transphobic, xenophobic, homophobic, chauvinistic, racist, sexist, bigoted individuals; when you mis-gender a person who has transitioned, fail to recognize the validity of their self-discovered identity, and refuse to call them by their preferred pro-nouns, that is an act of violence against that person.

Whoa…hold up….wait a minute…what in the world was all that? Nobody really buys into that right? What a hot plate of garbage! Sorry to stop the all-inclusive love fest like a cyclist who ran into the back of car, but America it’s time to slam the brakes and evaluate this non-sense.

Men and Women Aren’t the Same

This gender fluidity rhetoric is just non-sense. It assumes that the only differences between men and women are made up by a patriarchal and oppressive system that has succeeded in sowing lies deep into the fabric of modern society for generations. That’s crazy talk. There are a plethora of differences between men and women, even aside from the difference in reproductive organs.

A few good examples are ones such as: how male skeletal system tends to have more bone mass and bone density than the female skeletal system. Men naturally have more muscle mass and strength than women, and tend to be more capable of completing more physically demanding tasks as a result. Women’s tendons and ligaments are more lax than men’s making them typically more flexible than men. Not only are there physical differences, but there are neurological differences that have a large impact on behavioral differences.

Stanford Medicine published an article in which they admitted that children between the ages of 9-17 months old basically confirmed gender stereotypes in preferences for which toys they play with. In that same article, they cited Diane Halpern who wrote her book, Sex Differences in Cognitive Ability, (quite the self-explanatory title) which showed that women on average tend to have better long-term memories than men, and perform better than men in the area of comprehensive reading and writing. The same study shows that men are more capable in depth perception and visually following moving objects. Other studies find that women connect better on an emotional level, whereas men prefer discussion in the field of logic.

To come to the conclusion that men and women aren’t inherently different is completely ridiculous. There are several other differences, but for the sake of time, and to keep from writing a book…I’ll consider the point made, and move on.

It’s A Culture War

Gender Theory, and the idea that it was socially constructed to place people into a certain role they would play based upon their given sex, was first proposed by a French feminist named Simone de Beauvoir. She based all of her ideas in complete and total opposition to the scientific fact that men and women are inherently different even on more than just the reproductive side of things. She believed that gender was a societal way of putting women into a submissive role beneath men. Beauvoir inspired several radical feminists, but the most radical was Judith Butler, who carried the logic of the French Feminist into transgenderism (thus giving way to the idea that male and female are interchangeable).

Calling gender, fluid, is an extremely dangerous assertion. It is a concept that only breeds confusion and conflict. It breeds confusion because it fails to answer the most basic of questions, “What am I?” If you are confused by this question, stop reading and look down…I’ll wait…and there you have your answer. By the way, if gender and sex are different, then why have a sex change if it has nothing to do with your gender?

Gender fluidity and the idea that gender is a spectrum is a feminist movement that is very anti-feminine. It’s an attack on women to say that a man can be a women too; because if men can be women, does the term “women” mean anything anymore? I would argue that if men can be women too, then there isn’t really any such thing as men or women; just unidentifiable genderless people. Leftists, trans-activist, and social justice warriors (SJW’s) say that they just want equal rights for trans-people, but the truth is, they want a total reconstruction of the social fabric of America. They attack the institution of marriage, they destroy the sanctity of sex, and belittle the only two genders that actually exist, by saying that male and female are interchangeable.

The Attack on Children

This trans-activism movement places pedophiles within range of their targets by having drag-queens conducting book readings for children in schools and day-cares. It’s brought on the sexualization of children by encouraging them to be interested and participate in “drag” even at their young age. SJW’s insist on allowing children (who aren’t even old enough to consent to sex) to determine whether or not they would rather be the opposite gender they already are. Children who are confused about their gender are given hormone blockers to change who they are immediately, instead of giving them time to come to a reasonable conclusion when they are of age to make that decision. This is absolutely evil.

Not only is this attack on kids a direct attack, but it’s an indirect attack also. This indirect attack, is allowing a deranged pedophile of a man to identify as a 6-year old girl. Recently, a child-molester was released from prison, because he was now trans which apparently makes him harmless or no-longer a threat. That is Grade-A Stupidity.

The Attack on Free Speech

Not only do SJW’s insist that men and women are only socially constructed gender roles that are interchangeable, but they also say that gender is a spectrum in which the number of genders is undefined. This allows for new genders to be made up on a daily basis. To make matters worse, they demand that you use their made-up preferred pronouns for their made-up new gender. The nonsense is compounded by saying that failing to use these bogus pronouns, and refusing to believe in a made-up gender, is an act of violence against that person. Conflating speech with violence? How stupid can things get? This kind of activism calls for a very dangerous revision of the first amendment, because you could then be arbitrarily arrested and fined or imprisoned for exercising your freedom of speech and freedom to disagree.


Gender is neither fluid nor a spectrum. The movement is inherently dangerous, and causes extreme confusion on the most basic parts of humanity, and the consequences are significant and very extreme. Enacting Gender Theory is an attack on children, men and women. Children become more susceptible to pedophiles, and women become more susceptible to rape as a consequence of the gender-fluidity movement. What it means to be a woman is lessened by allowing men the same privilege. Stop the confusion. There are only two genders. Leave it that way.

Published by Tim Owens

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