The Truth About Democratic Socialism

“Democracy is the road to Socialism.

-Karl Marx

Democratic Socialism is the ideology that is currently sweeping the nation, especially among people in the younger generations. It is seen as a way to produce a more “fair” economy, and end the reign of evil billionaire capitalists. It’s the concept that laborers in the working class own the means of production, such as: labor, capital goods and natural recourses. Democratic Socialism’s proponents say that it’s an attempt to back away from the greedy ideology of capitalism that tends to leave many stranded, and progress towards meeting the needs of all people equally. Democratic Socialists say their goal is to strip the reigning 1% of their wealth and power and give it to the working class, all in the name of fairness and equality. This all sounds great, but is Democratic Socialism actually fair? Let’s take a closer look.

Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism

Don’t call it socialism, it’s “Democratic” Socialism…because that makes it okay right? Well…no…just because you toss something to a vote doesn’t make it better. For example, Adolf Hitler, the leader of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, was democratically elected to power in Germany in 1933 (I would say his record speaks for itself). Both Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela were also democratically elected, and now because of their socialist regime, the once most wealthy nation in South America is in shambles. Hamas, a well known terrorist organization and political party in the Gaza Strip, was democratically elected to legislation in 2006. The whole point of all of that is to say, just because you tag the word, “Democratic”, in front of something, doesn’t make it inherently better.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of ignorance. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

– Winston Churchill

Democratic Socialism is a self-contradicting name. Socialism does not function democratically; it functions only in a totalitarian style of government. The economy in a socialist system is a command economy, which is when the government assumes total authority over all aspects of its nations economic spectrum. Thus having full authority over who gets paid what amount, what prices will be for which product, how much of a supply will be available. People who buy into this, believe that their democratically elected Socialist will look out for them by giving them the fair wages they deserve, the healthcare they think they want, and bring to justice corporations and big businesses. It’s just non-sense. It’s a utopia that’s shattered by reality. Anyone running on a socialist platform is only doing so because he/she is power hungry.

Socialism is Selfish

Critics of capitalism claim that it is a greed based economy, therefore it is an immorally based economy. However, the opposite is true; the only way for a capitalist to succeed is by meeting the needs of others. A good capitalist will generate products efficiently at an affordable price, while competing with others in the same market to have either the lowest prices, highest quality or both. This competition drives up supply which lowers prices and curbs demand; thus, more satisfied consumers. The idea that anyone, in a capitalist system, got rich by standing on the backs of poor people and taking their money is completely ridiculous. An entrepreneur can only become wealthy by the means of voluntary transactions.

Socialism, on the other hand, is where the greed is at. Like Steven Crowder asked in a video he did for PragerU, “What’s more greedy than taking something you didn’t yourself earn?” Socialism breeds an entitled people who believe that somebody owes them something, when in reality nobody owes them anything. This form of Marxism incentivizes laziness by convincing people that the government will take care of them. Thus it plants the thought, “The government will take care of me. So what’s the point in working a job?” Socialism says it’s an injustice to make more money than someone else, regardless of one’s occupation, qualification, experience and work ethic. Redistribute all wealth equally so that nobody ends up in poverty

Socialism Isn’t Actually Fair

Imagine that you were in high school, and you had just finished taking a test. You were proud of yourself, because you knew that you studied hard all week for that test and you were ready for it. Expecting good results, you waited patiently as your teacher handed out the final scores. When she finally gets to you, you anxiously look at the top only to be disappointed because you received a 70%. Wondering what you could have possibly gotten wrong, you begin reviewing the test and find out that you didn’t get any answers wrong. So why a 70%? Why didn’t you get the 100% as a just reward for you diligence? Frustrated and confused, you shoot your hand up to get the teacher’s attention, “Mrs. Smith, why did I get a 70% if I didn’t get any of the answers wrong?” She replies, “Because it’s fair.” She see’s the confused look on your face so she continues, “Some of the other students weren’t as fortunate as others to do so well on the test, and to assure fairness, I took the average of each individual score and redistributed the points evenly so that everyone can pass the test.”

How could this possibly be fair? There’s no reward for your hard work if you simply only receive the same results as someone who didn’t put forth any effort. Why study anymore if you know that as long as enough of the other students study, you’ll pass either way. That’s Democratic Socialism. Stealing money earned by someone who worked, and giving it to someone who didn’t. There is no justice in that. Only theft. Just because the word equality sounds good and looks fair, doesn’t mean it is either good or fair.

What About People Living in Poverty?

There is no other ideology that has lifted as many poor people out of poverty as capitalism (The system the justly rewards effort). There are only two reasons for someone ending up in poverty in the U.S. Either you choose to be poor, or you are poor because you are physically or mentally handicapped therefore incapable of providing for yourself.

First let’s deal with those who are incapable of providing for themselves. Not all handicapped people are incapable of working a job, but for those who are, this is the purpose of the welfare system. This is when a single payer healthcare system is okay. It’s there to provide for those with pre-existing conditions. I don’t condone the incentivizing of single parenthood, but personally I think that single parents should qualify for welfare as long as they are proactive in working their way out of the system (which I understand isn’t always very easy).

Second let’s deal with those who choose to be poor. Obviously, nobody says, “I want to be poor, so that’s what I’m going to be.” Instead, they say that with their actions, by making bad decisions that only breed poverty. Decisions the breed poverty involve dropping out of high school, refusing to get a job, having children before marriage, and committing crime. According to the Brooking’s Institute, you are 70% more likely to avoid poverty by graduating from high school, avoid premarital sex, and get a job. Even if you are born in poverty, there’s nothing holding you back from doing at least these three things.

What About Scandinavian Countries? Aren’t They Socialist?

Nope. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are all market economies.

I would like to make one thing clear: Denmark is far from a Socialist planned economy; Denmark is a market economy.”

– Lars Løkke Rosmussen
Prime Minister of Denmark

These countries are not socialist, but offer different government benefits than the U.S. The way they are able to make all those benefits possible is by having exorbitantly high tax rates. In Denmark, those whose income is 1.2 times the national average pay a tax rate of 60%. This goes against why America became a nation in the first place…to stop being taxed so heavily (remember the Boston Tea Party?). So honestly, the truth is, there are no examples of a successful socialist state. It’s just never happened, and to assume that these Scandinavian countries are operating socialist economies is clearly an insult to them.


Democratic Socialism, though propagated in the name of fairness, has no remote quality of fairness. To call socialism democratic is to ignore how the system actually works. Socialism is an economy (and system of law) that is run by a few elitists claiming to empower a democracy by . It is a system that doesn’t rejects innovation and incentivizes laziness. It is the breeding grounds of entitlement and the place where personal responsibility goes to die. Socialism does not distribute wealth to all, instead it distributes poverty to all. Socialism is the ideology of the power hungry politician, and to believe otherwise is to believe a lie.


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